Cafe Connections

I am a regular at two local Starbucks in my home town. One is in the middle of an outdoor mall that I frequent on my days off and when meeting with friends. It is quite possibly my favorite because it is without the hustle and bustle of a drive thru and is considered a smaller store. The other, is directly on my way to work and incredibly convenient. There is a very shallow reason as to why I stop by every morning a little before 7am: the barista remembers me by name and is probably the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in a green apron.

Two polar opposite reasons as to why I love two different stores. Each person has a motive as to why they have their favorite store or why they choose the brand they do. A co worker of mine found this recent article that I absolutly adored and figured I had to share on my blog. It is not a barista/customer love story (as much as I wish that could happen with my green apron hunk), but a story of a mutual connection created by coffee.

In summary, a woman asked her friend to get her a cup of coffee every time the friend ran to a nearby Starbucks. Instead of just getting the beautiful white cup and sleeve in return, she was greeted with messages written in Sharpie from a barista whom she had never met.

…and they kept coming. Over and over again, she would answer and send the empty cup with her friend on the return trips.

This interaction went on for weeks. After a month or so, the sad end came.

So, on his last day, she went to meet her mysterious co author of cups.

Now that’s what I would call great customer service.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Connections

  1. First of all, I kind of love that you have an entire blog dedicated to coffee. Secondly, thank you sharing my awesome Starbucks experience! Dan (the barista) said he went into work (his new job) and the blog post was taped to the kitchen door. He’s a special, special man.

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